About Store 1 and Coast Mountain E-commerce


We are a Canadian-based trading company founded in 2014 and registered with the Industry Canada. The company is based in Richmond, BC. It covers not only the customers from lower mainland in BC, but also providing online access to customers in mainland China.

The prime objective the company is to promoting a variety of local products to end users through our online platform (www.store1.ca). We are sourcing their needed items from original suppliers, including health products, foods, drinks, fruits, baby use and maternal products. Our customers are able to save high markups from the suppliers and benefit from efficient shopping process. Driven by a passion and enthusiasm in international trade industry, we continue to build on our success as a global online platform.

CMEC also pay attention to local market, and we spend a lot of efforts on providing small business (e.g logistic companies and small retailers) with their needed products. We provide wholesale service to these customers and small amount option if in urgent need. We are the team of professionals with twenty years of trading experience. We understand what customer needs and able to fulfill their requirements with high quality and suitable price.

In order to guarantee the quality and logistics of supply, we have established good relationships with many original suppliers and long last business with logistic companies. This summer, we worked together with local blueberry farms and become the first official canadian company that ships BC local blueberries directly to mainland Chinese customers. We got high recognitions from our customers feedback. Therefore, we planned to expand more business opportunity between China and BC in the near future.

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