Canada Store1 After Sale Policy

Store1 is committed to returning goods within 30 business days from the date of sale (i.e the actual date of receipt). The return conditions are as follows:

  • 1.Items with serious quality problem
  • 2.Damage in the delivery of goods(there must be a courier company to proof damage)
  • 3.Personal reasons led to return, without the use, open the packaging and does not affect the secondary sale of itmes
  • 4.Item does not match items
  • Special Note: food-related products do not accept returns

The above conditions, the verified situation is true, you can apply for returns.

When you apply for a return, take a picture and send it to Customer Service in Canada at and explain why. Thank you

Store1 can confirm the return, you need to return the goods in accordance with the specified return. Return shipping requirements are as follows:

There is a serious quality problems, damaged goods in the logistics center, received orders and merchandise does not match the description of the goods, such as to return, do not pay the freight, you need to contact the post office with the recipient as proof of damage. After the goods issued with the return of goods in line with the above, can choose to pay.

Personal reasons led to returned, and does not affect the secondary sale of goods, need to pay for goods from shipping.

After confirming that the goods have been returned to the designated address and signed, Canada will be on the 1st store receipt within 7 working days for your refund. The payment will be refunded according to the original path of your payment order. As the bank transfer date is different, please take the actual arrival date shall prevail.

Due to the special nature of cross-border electricity providers, such as in Canada, a single shop and the need to cancel the order after payment, only allowed to apply for cancellation before the specified time.

As follows: As your order will be in Canada time every morning at 8 am, 5 pm, the system automatically displayed to the first store in Canada logistics staff, the official lock the goods and packing box. Therefore, the system automatically pushed, we do not accept withdrawal orders. Therefore, please ensure that orders and other information before the correct payment of goods. Thank you for your cooperation!

Items from Store1 are from overseas, and direct mail service to customers, so all the goods on the 1st store in Canada are not replacement service.

For orders that you have not paid, Store Canada will reserve the order for you for 3 hours. If you do not pay, the order will be canceled automatically.