1, Are the products you sell are the original origin of North American products?

All products are purchased in Canada, the United States, including a small amount of European products. Our products are the original origin of Canada in the sale of products. Canada has been on the 1st shop with nearly a hundred North American manufacturers and a distributor signed a purchase agreement, the middle does not have any third-party links, the price advantage is obvious, please rest assured that customers buy.

2. How many ways to pay?

There are two ways to pay for a deal offered by store1.ca:

PAYPAL, the world's largest online payment platform.

Alipay, the most popular Chinese online payment system.

Note: 1, Canadian users in the purchase, enter the Canadian address as the shipping address, select the PAYPAL payment will appear in English display interface, the user in accordance with their payment interface in Canada prompted to enter your PAYPAL account information, or directly use your Of the credit card information, enter the correct bill, receipt information to pay.

2, For customers who have Alipay account can easily scan the QR code at the payment page.

Please be noticed, customer payment information will not be selected and saved in the store1.ca system, but only selected and saved by third-party Paypal and Alipay international. Paypal and Alipay are the safest online payment system, and there are currently more than 100 million people in use. Please feel free to use!

3. How to solve the problem of logistics?

We are using Canada Post, UPS and SF express

4, how long it will take to start to delivery items?

Under normal circumstances, the oversea customers can receive items in about 7-10 business days after payment was made. For customers in Greater Vancouver, they can receive ordered goods within 2-3 business days after payment paid. Customers in other parts of Canada are subject to Canada Post's specific delivery times.

If the shipping due to customs clearance delays, or special reasons such as flight delays, please understand the circumstances.