About Quality Assurance:

Store1.ca is the e-commerce platform of Coast Hill E-Commerce Group, which specializes in high quality brand products originating from Canada and the United States and Europe. Coast Mountain E-Commerce Corp. is a major e-commerce company registered with the Industry Canada of the Federal Government of Canada. As a responsible company, Store1.ca selected products all from Canada, the United States of America European manufacturers or franchise level dealers. Our products are sold in Canada original products, by the Canadian Food Authority (CFIA) supervision, product quality trustworthy! If you purchased from Store1.ca proved to be fake and shoddy products, we will Give you compensation.

Store1.ca original focus on original products. Store1.ca works with a number of Canadian manufacturers and suppliers to establish a good relationship of cooperation, all products by the manufacturer and a franchise dealer directly to ensure the quality of supply! At the same time, Store1.ca is the United States PAYPAL and China UnionPay cooperation merchants, the company's quality and service quality, etc. have been through its two online payment platform for rigorous review. Canada on the 1st shop in the sale of goods and the quality of its services have a very high quality requirements. Any product purchased from a Canadian store is identical to the one purchased at a local store in Canada.

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