ThinkBaby Baby Sinclair family cutlery set for children

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[Origin]: US

[weight]: 1 Qianke

[Introduction]: ThinkBaby is famous American infant tableware manufacturers. Its products are not only unique and creative, but also take into account the safety and environmental protection.

First, material security, bis layer insulation. Using high-quality PP plastic, it has good thermal insulation properties, not only convenient for mom to take hold is not hot, but also a certain degree of insulation. 304 stainless steel, food-grade material, not containing BPA, lead, melamine and other harmful chemicals, can be high-temperature sterilization, steam heating, refrigerator fresh ingredients, not aging, more resistant to heat and durability.

Next, seal design, separated thermal insulation. Sealed stainless steel cutlery, with double design, external insulation design using PP, with the baby out, do not worry about cooling food is not fresh.

In addition, easy washable, will line security. PP plastic cutlery outer and the inner layer 304 is removed isolated, alone thorough cleaning easier, more health and hygiene, the use of more peace of mind.

Finally, the product has a good the anti-drop. Stainless steel double-layer design, high quality PP material can to fight against and prevent deformation and maintain the beautiful tableware and quite a long life.

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